Issue #013 September / October 2002

Pages Title Author or Owner Subject Comments
16-23 Dakota Northern Railroad Melhouse, Olaf Layout
24-27 West Switch at Cedar Falls Reddie, Kirk How-To Track and Ballasting
28-29 Great Shots
30-37 Railfanning Big Ten Danneman, Mike Layout Rio Grande
38-43 Freight Car Fleet Kempinski, Bernard Fleet Freight
44-47 Great Northern 19,000 Gallon Fuel Service Tank Cars Morgan, Brian How-To Non Revenue
48-49 Oil Transloading Platform Morgan, Brian How-To Structures
50-51 COFC Chassis Socha-Leialoha, John How-To Vehicles
52-57 Visit to Micro-Trains Line Campoy, Terry & Miller, Steve
62 The Digital Revolution Thompson, Keith Photography