Issue #019 September / October 2003

Pages Title Author or Owner Subject Comments
18-25 NAction: Visit to the Belmont Shore Open House  Blackman, Flash Layout
26-31 High Ridge Central Chibbaro, Matt Layout Scenery How-To
32-37 Great Shots: Jeff Ashby's C&O Lewis, Dan Layout
38-45 Laying Track on the Moffat Road Danneman, Mike How-To Right of Way
46-47 Low Side Gondolas: SAL, Southern, N&W Kohlmann, Keith How-To Freight
48-49 Small Buildings in Small Towns Reddie, Kirk Prototype Structures
50-51 Houston 2003 Contest Winners Giesckes, Dr. Marty Contest
52-53 48' Refrigerated Containers Cox, Joe How-To Intermodal
54-55 Illinois Central's City of Miami Thomason, Richard Fleet Passenger
62 Update on Contributing to NSR Reddie, Kirk Commentary Photography