Issue #028 March / April 2005

Pages Title Author or Owner Subject Comments
18-25 Pliny Holt's Southern Pacific Railroad Holt, Pliny Layout Great Bernie Kempinski Photos!
26-29 Legalize Your Atlas Woodside Reefers Kohlmann, Keith How-To Freight
30-31 Cabeese of the Boise Subdivision Hammes, Major Tony Fleet Freight
32-33 Great Shots Ross, Dudley
34-41 Mud Bay & Southern Part 2 Younkins, Jim Layout
42-43 Naction: Southern Pacific Coast Division Burns, Charlie
44-48 Modeling Pacific Coast Railway's #107 Knapp, Tom How-To Locomotives
49 Classic "T" Shank Coupling Reddie, Kirk How-To Freight
50-51 Norfolk Southern "Top Gon" Coal Cars Thomason, Richard C. How-To Freight
52-53 Rock Island Locomotive Sampler Ameca, Raul Fleet Locomotives
54-57 Passenger Car Standards Denton, Bill How-To Passenger  
62 A Sense of Accomplishment Kaufman, Russ Commentary