Subscription Info

NSR gladly takes subscription but our first choice is that folks buy from their retailers. It's a great excuse to visit your local shop and it is a lot less expensive for foreign readers.

If you prefer to subscribe you can purchase online with your credit card or Paypal account below. You can also pay by check if that is more convienent for you.

To Purchase or Renew a Subscription online:

Mailing to USA address
(starting with next available issue*)
Number of Issues
Mailing to CANADA
or MEXICO address
(starting with next available issue*)
Number of Issues
Mailing to All other locations
(starting with next available issue*)
Number of Issues
* To start with an issue other than the next available please mention this in
the comment field of the paypal order form or email your request
to .

A subscription is 6 issues. Our intention is to continue to print 6 issues per year. Let us know which issue you wish to start with. If you do not specify which issue to start with we will send the current issue. If we are more than 4 weeks from the last issue being released we may start your subscription with the next issue.


1) Write a personal check or obtain a money order for the appropriate amount (see SUBSCRIPTION RATES). Checks must be in US dollars drawn on a US bank. Postal Money orders from Canada and Japan are accepted.

2) Include a piece of paper with your address (please print clearly)

3) Along with your address please state which month you want to start your subscription.

4) Mail to:

North American N Scale (or NANS)
PO Box 77296
Seattle, WA 98177-0296

Please allow 4-6 weeks to process a subscription order.


  • USA
    $30.00US per 6 issues.
    USA Within Washington State$33.06US per 6 issues.
    Canada and Mexico $54.00US per 6 issues.
    All other Countries (Overseas Air)$82.00US per 6 issues.


Back issues are available direct for $5.95 each plus shipping. Your local shop may also be able to order them for you. Please see our Back Issue page for more details.